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Fractured Legacy Art Show Opens in Germany

My show Fractured Legacy 
April 10, 2022 at the

Jüdisches Museum Westfalen 
in Dorsten, Germany
and runs until July 3, 2022
click here for more information about the work and the previous show in Germany

Public Art

Mia’s public art projects are designed to resonate with the location where they will be placed. She explores connections between the natural environment and the places where we live, our personal memories, and our collective civic and cultural stories.

Digital Photograms

Mia Weinberg uses her scanner to create digital photograms that call attention to the tiniest fragments of organic matter. She believes there is potential in the microscopic to reawaken us and bring us face to face with something we too often forget: that life on this earth is full of wonder, full of mystery.


Mia creates small abstract paintings that can be interpreted as imaginary worlds. With her fascination with exposing microscopic details, Mia scans her paintings and produces enlargements that reveal surprising elements of the painting process.

Art Consulting

As an art consultant Mia sources and supplies original and reproduction art, offers consultation and installation services for interior designers, developers, architects, hospitals, seniors’ residences, strata corporations and businesses.



Photograms and prints of paintings are available mounted on aluminum or matted and/or framed. Licensing is available for digital versions. Commissions are accepted for both photograms and public art. Contact Mia for additional information.

What they are saying

Mia, I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you. The piece I took home yesterday is astonishing and as I know you saw yesterday, moves me deeply. I’ve spent much time already “seeing” many many things and then this morning I turned it upside down and saw more. There are hundreds of Angels, Guides, Fairies, Elves, Animals and other creatures I can’t put a name to. And when I pull back, I see it as a whole world. A world protected by these figures. I’m honoured to have your essence in my home. Jill Prescott


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