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You Are Here

You Are Here

Brighouse Station, No. 3 Road, Richmond

“You Are Here” was part of the Richmond Columns Public Art project. It was at the Brighouse Station of the Canada Line, on No. 3 Road in Richmond BC from November 2010 to May 2011. It was a public art series of four backlit images.


My passion as an artist is to create images that astonish and enthral the imagination of the viewer by presenting the ordinary in an extraordinary way. We’ve all had the experience of being commuters focused on our destination and our plans for the day ahead—focused on everything but the present moment. Placing my art work right in the midst of a busy pedestrian urban thoroughfare exercises its full potential to counter the inattention of distracted minds with imagery that exudes the delight, wonder, and mystery of life on our planet earth.


With my public art project “You Are Here” I visually linked the specific locale of the Richmond Brighouse Station by juxtaposing images of leaf skeletons—found in Brighouse Park—with the network of streets surrounding the station. The maps and leaf skeletons showed surprising similarities and the maps also looked like electronic circuit boards that are used by so many companies in Richmond.

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