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Green Necklace Dog Walker

Whatever the Weather

Green Necklace Urban Trail, North Vancouver BC Canada

I developed a concept for artwork along the Green Necklace greenway in North Vancouver that combines a quality of whimsy and delight with a clear affirmation that the Green Necklace is a welcoming place for the entire community to enjoy. The intention of the work is to make the path a fun place to come and spend time with your families, friends and neighbours.

I have placed three hundred images on the asphalt along seven kilometres of the path in a series of mini narratives that people come across as they walk, run or cycle along the path. The images borrow from the familiar vernacular of figures in circles that are commonly seen in pavement and street signage. The figures are playful and diverse departures from standard-issue signage, encouraging users of the Green Necklace to recognise themselves and to interact with each other when charmed by the images they see along the way. The icons include people of varied ages and abilities, including children, seniors, and parents with buggies, dog walkers, skateboarders, rollerbladers, and others.

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