I am an artist and art consultant because I believe in the power of art to reawaken us and to encourage us all to become more present and engaged in our world. In the workplace, healthcare facilities and other public spaces, art can dramatically improve our experiences.

Mia Weinberg: Artist With a Hardhat

Mia Weinberg - Artist in a Hardhat

Upcoming Events

Vancouver Design Week 2018

During Vancouver Design Week I am opening my studio to architects, designers, developers and others to see behind the scenes of the public art process. […]

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Parker Art Salon 2018

This is the first time that I am participating in the Parker Art Salon. From May 25-27, the halls of 1000 Parker Street will become a salon style fine art exhibition. Join us under the chandeliers, enjoy the ambiance, meet the artists and see their latest artworks. I will be exhibiting digital photograms that have not […]

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  • I thought it was really neat, and I’ve heard other people comment that they love it. It really gets people out and exercising. MetroVancouver

    Darrell Mussatto

    Mayor of the City of North Vancouver