Public Art and Art Consulting in Vancouver and Western Canada

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public art out of granite, Corian, backlit images

Mia's portfolio shows photograms, public art
I am an artist and art consultant because I believe in the power of art to reawaken us and to encourage us all to become more present and engaged in our world. In the workplace, healthcare facilities and other public spaces, art can dramatically improve our experiences.

My art practice gives me the opportunity to combine my expertise as a visual artist with the extraordinary beauty that exists in the art of nature. In my solo studio work, I use my digital scanner to capture and enlarge the architectural intricacies of flower petals, plants, seaweed, shells and the living veins and dried skeletons of leaves. I sometimes combine this work with maps and other images to reflect the remarkable resemblance between botanical fragments, tree branches and roots, river deltas, topography, and features of human bodies.

I also create public art using a variety of materials including engraved granite and backlit translucent panels. My artwork is effective in outdoor environments as well as interiors.