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Framed original 5" x 7" acrylic painting on board. Also available as a digital print sized to suit (up to 6ft x 6ft) inquire for pricing

  • Orpheus

    It is twilight. Off in the distance, one can see a solitary figure. Orpheus is standing at the opening to the long passageway down, down to Hades. He is summoning his courage. The task before him is terrifying. Who knows what demons he will encounter along the way, what threats await him. But she is down there, somewhere. Nothing will stop him from finding her and bringing her back to safety. He will rely on his music, on his songs, to gain entry. He will find her, and together they will return to the surface alive. He can do this. He takes the first steps of his descent. For Eurydice.

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    Free shipping in Canada. For other areas please request shipping costs.

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