Nov 02

The manufacturing process of a Corian® table: a component of a public art project by Mia Weinberg for the Hamilton Community Centre in Richmond BC. The table tells the story of the Veterans’ Land Act subdivision in Hamilton, a community in Richmond BC. Music by Craig Addy (www.UnderThePiano.ca)

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Nov 14

I have just completed my first collaborative video with Craig Addy of UnderThePiano.ca.
Craig is a fabulous musician who improvised on the piano to my art work and then I made a video.

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Oct 25

Watch a ‎25 minute live interview I did with J. Mac on October 19th 2010, my segment starts at the 24th minute
Inside Fine Art

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Aug 13

I recently travelled to England and France and saw some fabulous art including Michael Raedecker at the Camden Arts Centre (where I took pottery classes when I was 10 years old) who “uses a unique combination of thread and paint to create his atmospheric paintings.”

In Paris, I was particularly captivated by Alexander Calder’s wire portraits and sculptures at the Pompidou Centre. Watch video from minute 3:15 to 5:00 to get a sense of his use of line and shadow. (NB. the sound in the video is erratic so you may just want to watch on mute).

I also discovered a wonderful sculptor: Nicolas Lavarenne

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May 06

In 2000 and 2001, I participated in a number of collaborations with dancer/choreographer Simone Orlando and composer Scott Bishop. We created dance performances for 12 Minutes Max and Dancing on the Edge festivals in Vancouver as well as a projected image and video installation for the opening of the Scotiabank Dance Centre in Vancouver.

The I Unbound performed at 12 Minutes Max (3 minute clip)


Let’s Dance performed at Dancing on the Edge (6 minute clip)


Let’s Dance Installation at the Scotiabank Dance Centre (3 minute clip)

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Feb 27

Mia talks about her photograms on Shaw TV’s Urban Rush (6 minutes)

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