I am an artist because I believe passionately in the power of art to reawaken us and to encourage us all to become more present and engaged in our world. I know that in the very process of making art that matters, one’s belief in the power of art takes root.

Mia, I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you. The piece I took home yesterday is astonishing and as I know you saw yesterday, moves me deeply. I’ve spent much time already “seeing” many many things and then this morning I turned it upside down and saw more. There are hundreds of Angels, Guides, Fairies, Elves, Animals and other creatures I can’t put a name to. And when I pull back, I see it as a whole world. A world protected by these figures. I’m honoured to have your essence in my home. Jill Prescott CHt

My art practice gives me the opportunity to combine my expertise as a visual artist with the extraordinary beauty that exists in the art of nature. In my solo studio work, I use my digital scanner to capture and enlarge the architectural intricacies of flower petals, plants, seaweed, shells and the living veins and dried skeletons of leaves. I sometimes combine this work with maps and other images to reflect the remarkable resemblance between botanical fragments, tree branches and roots, river deltas, topography, and features of human bodies.