Installations and Collaborations with Artists, Dancers and Musicians

I am also a collaborative artist. Since coming to Vancouver in 1987 I have worked closely with other artists from various disciplines—a painter, a choreographer, a composer, a photographer, a glass artist, and a stone carver, as well as with designers, contractors, arts councils and architects. I have always found joint artistic endeavours to be exhilarating. As a solo artist, my practice is inherently process oriented; I revel in the sense of discovery. Not knowing what will emerge, I ‘collaborate’ with elements of the natural world to reveal unseen beauty. This same impulse is reflected in my collaborations with other people. I feel that these creative encounters with diverse participants challenge us all to exceed our individual visions and creative capacities. I am trained in group facilitating with a focus on peer learning (Provincial Instructional Skills Workshop facilitator). I have worked as an artist in schools with Artstarts, Learning Through the Arts and freelance.